Community Engagement


Learning Outcomes:

 In this workshop, participants will learn how to: 

  • Develop Layered Outreach Strategies 
  • Effectively Outreach to Vulnerable Youth
  • Establish Organization as a Community Hub
  • Difference between Marketing and Outreach
  • Achieve program deliverables

Workshop Description

This workshop establishes the importance of developing effective outreach strategies to engage community members and ensure program deliverable are achieved.

To often, the wonderful work your organization does are unknown to the community. As a result, programs are not attended to capacity. There exists a significant disconnect between program planning and outreach. It is important to remember that as staff, we can design the best program, but if no one attends, it has little benefit. This workshop establishes the essential of outreaching and its critical role in the success of program outcomes. Simply put, without outreach- there is no positive outcome. 

While sending emails is one outreach strategy, it is not the only one. The very essence of community programs is outreaching; going to where your clients are and establishing positive relationships even prior to encouraging them to attend your program.  

Let this workshop show you how to make that a reality while staying within your organizational capacity. 

Workshop Fee: $200

  • 3 hour workshop
  • Instructor led
  • Group activities 

We recognize the capacity and resources of community organizations can at times, be limited and we will work with your organization to find the right price to offer this workshop to your staff. Please contact nabeel.rahman@positivethought.ca to discuss pricing options. 


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