We recognize that our lives are multi-dimensional. We might be well integrated in some components of our life and struggle in other aspects. We take on a holistic approach and our counselling sessions are designed to assist you to navigate the daily stresses of life while incorporating tools to build resiliency skills. 

Culturally Focused Counselling

The situations that life presents us with can sometimes be daunting.  Life transitions such as a loss of a job, the breakdown of a relationship, or moving to a new country can present a whole list of challenges ....or opportunities. It all depends on how we think about the situations we find ourselves in. 

We can empathize with situations; the unfortunate series of events that might have led you to seek counselling. Situations are tangible events and they are attention grabbing BUT it is our thoughts about those situations that contribute to our present reality.  The same situation can be experienced by two different people who have completely different perspectives on the matter. 

It is not always situations that determine the outcome; rather our feelings and thoughts contribute significantly to it. Through our counselling sessions, we emphasize on the relationship between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. We work collectively to identify thoughts that contribute to the challenges we experience and work on replacing them with positive thoughts that lead to healthy feelings and behaviour!  

I am here to offer my support by taking on a holistic approach where counselling sessions are designed to assist individuals navigate the daily stresses of life while incorporating tools to build resiliency skills and coping strategies. I have experience working with youth and adults from various ethnic backgrounds who might be struggling with:

  • Anger Management
  • Symptoms of Anxiety
  • Symptoms of Depression
  • Life Transitions
  • Intercultural Conflicts
  • Inter-generational Conflicts

I offer counselling services in English, Hindi, Urdu and Bengali.  

Treatment Approach

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

While every counselling session is unique, my approach to counselling emphasizes on collaboratively:

  • Establishing Trust
  • Understanding the Issue
  • Developing an Action Plan
  • Developing Coping Strategies
  • Establishing Ownership and Empowerment

To accomplish such an objective, I utilize aspects of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to understand the importance of thoughts, feelings and behaviour in dealing with our environmental stresses. 


Flexible Fees

I want to be as accessible as possible and offer flexible pricing options for everyone. 

Low Income Individuals:              $50 per session

Regular Fee:                                     $100 per session 

Sliding Scale:                                    $50 - $100 per session

Counselling is covered through most extended health benefit plan. Please consult with your insurance provider.  If the cost of the counselling session is a barrier, please contact nabeel.rahman@positivethought.ca to discuss pricing options.  

Affordable Fees

Low Cost:                  $50/session

Regular Fee:             $100/session

Sliding Scale:            $50 - $100 

Let's Connect Online!


COVID-19 - Do Your Part Initiative

Free 15 Minute Online Touch Base

There is no doubt we are in some trying times. COVID-19 has disrupted our daily routines, asked us to make sacrifices and made the vulnerable even more marginalized. If you are feeling lonely or anxious, you can connect with us for a free 15 minute online touch base. We can discuss ways in which to cope, some strategies to stay engaged and resources available in the community to offer support.  

All appointments are online through Zoom, Google Hangouts or over the phone and can be booked through the Book Appointment tab below. Google Hangouts will be the default if all options work. 

This is not a crisis hotline so if you are experiencing a crisis situation, you should contact the following numbers:

  • Distress Centre of Toronto: 416-408-4357 
  • Crisis Outreach and Support Team (Halton): 1-877-825-9011 
  • Crisis Support Peel Dufferin: 905-278-9036 
  • York Support Services Network: 1-855-310-COPE (2673)
  • Gerstein Crisis Centre: 416-929-5200
  • Assaulted Women’s Help Line: 416-863-0511
  • Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape: 416-597-8808
  • Suicide and Crisis Hotline (Canada Wide): 1-800-448-3000
  • Mental Health Crisis Line (Canada Wide): 1-888-893-8333


About the Counsellor

Nabeel Rahman, M.A., R.S.W.

Registered with OCSWSSW: 831092

I am a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW) with a Master's in Immigration and Settlement focusing on development of community resources for visible minority and marginalized communities. 

Over 10 years of experience as a Counsellor, Anger Management Facilitator, Youth Worker, and Community Development Specialist equips me with a non-judgmental and empathy driven focus to develop effective therapy goals. Working with visible minorities in Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough, and Oakville endows me with a unique skill set to design culturally sensitive sessions for individuals.

My lived experience as a racialized minority living with modest means for most of my life has made me understand the systemic marginalization of people of colour and its impact on our day to day lives. Factors well beyond our control often impact our ability to find material success. Such experiences creates challenges that make life overwhelming and creates situations where we experience more failures than wins.

If anything, what I have learned is not to shy away from the realities of life and recognize that material success does not always bring about happiness. Contentment can come about through focusing on our thoughts, feelings and behaviours and advocating for change through collective effort. 

To get a better idea of my personal  journey, check out my Tedx Talk on a sense of belonging for people of colour. 

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Hours of Appointment

All appointments until further notice will be taking place online. 

Every Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (Toronto location)

Thursday from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Oakville location)

Toronto Location

1219 St. Clair Ave W., Suite G8,  Toronto ON M6E 1B5

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Positive Thought Counselling

Nabeel Rahman, M.A., RSW Tel: 289-635-5578 Email: nabeel.rahman@positivethought.ca Samina Zubairi, CYW Email: samina.zubairi@positivethought.ca