TED Talk: Sense of Belonging

Positive Thought Counsellor Nabeel Rahman, M.A., RSW spoke at TedxUnionville!

Visible minorities play many different roles and live on the intersection of multiple barriers. We have to navigate through imposed identities, expectations and stereotypes that create innumerable  challenges. As such, this talk focused on overcoming those challenges through acknowledgement, empathy, self-determination, and action. 

Positive Thought Podcast #3

 This week, we had Nadir join the podcast and discuss the impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic to the encomony and our overall identity. 

Positive Thought Podcast #2

This week's podcast, I was happy to be joined by Amira who is finishing her last year of Law School and we discussed the impacts that Covid-19 emergency is having in her life as it relates to education, personal growth and overall mental health.  

Positive Thought Podcast #1

Welcome to the first ever Positive Thought Podcast. This week, we discuss the Covid -19 pandemic from a mental health perspective and reflect on the impact it is having on our well being, our collective will as a society, and the resilience needed to accept the realities of factors and variables outside our control. Despite such challenges, we must hope for a better tomorrow to do our best today.  

Mindfulness in Adversity

During this covid-19 pandemic, we often find ourselves thinking, when is this all going to be over? When will life resume back to normal? The way things used to be.

Perhaps things are not meant to go back to normal, maybe we are meant to be better when this is all all over. This is a short Positive Thought reminder by Nabeel Rahman, M.A., RSW, about mindfulness of being in the present during adversity.

Coping with Stress

Nabeel Rahman, M.A., RSW was a guest at the talk show - Let the Quran Speak to offer a faith based perspective on coping with stress. 

Who is a Good Immigrant?

Nabeel Rahman, M.A., RSW was happy to be a guest on Let The Quran Speak to discuss the challenges of conforming to imposed identities and expectations placed on newcomers and immigrants.

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