Express Yourself: Communication


Learning Outcomes:

In this workshop participants will:

  • Enhance Interpersonal Communication
  • Learn about social Written and Unwritten Rules
  • Understand Role Definition
  • How to leverage Emotional Intelligence
  • How to overcome Barriers to Communication 

Workshop Description

When we live in a society,  we communicate to create meanings of the things around us. The objective of this workshop is to provide participants with a clear understanding of interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence and how the way we communicate, impacts our perception and environment. 

Communication is very much subjective and relative. It is as much about getting our point across as it is knowing who we are getting them across to. For example, an action in one culture might be looked upon favorably while frowned in another.  

Engaging activities around social expectation, role definition, role conflict and body language will be facilitated to help youth understand the importance of eye contact, firm handshake, or just even a simple smile :)

But before any of that, in order to communicate effectively, we must first understand the rules of engagement that govern our behaviour.  This workshop can help show you how!

Workshop Fee: $200

  • 3 hour workshop
  • Facilitator Led
  • Group activities 

We recognize the capacity and resources of community organizations can at times, be limited and we will work with your organization to find the right price point to offer this workshop to your clients. Please contact nabeel.rahman@positivethought.ca to discuss pricing options. 


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