Pillow Talk: Stress Management


Learning Outcomes:

 In this workshop participants will learn:

  • Relationship between Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours 
  • Triggers which can initiate stress and negative thinking 
  • Effective Coping Strategies 
  • How to Utilize Stress to make positive changes
  • How to implement better Sleep Habits

Workshop Description:


The objective of this workshop is for participants to effectively  manage their stress so they  not only sleep better, but also to address the barriers that keep them up at night.

Through the utilization of best practice techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; this workshop aims to address the challenges of negative self-talk which is most evident at night. Persistent stress can lead to overwhelming feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and hostile thoughts. This workshop aims to recognize the importance of stress management, coping strategies, balancing our thought portfolio and maintaining our energy for positive thinking rather than negative thoughts. 

This workshop will highlight coping strategies to address challenging thoughts and understand that getting a good night sleep is critical for any positive steps to be taken. Don’t allow the negative thoughts to tell you otherwise!

Workshop Fee: $200

  • 3 hour workshop
  • Facilitator Led
  • Group activities 

We recognize the capacity and resources of community organizations can at times, be limited and we will work with your organization to find the right price point to offer this workshop to your clients. Please contact nabeel.rahman@positivethought.ca to discuss pricing options. 


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